Monday, November 9, 2009

When Breakfast becomes dinner

The Chicken Delay... I haven't got time to transfer and resize the Chicken pictures. meantime, this is the story about me almost straving to death....

I only have AU$10 left before my pay day, which is tomorrow. With $10, you can go to food court and have a decent food. But I feel like cooking. This is the time where I need to improvise, using cheap ingredients to create a yummy tummy food. One of my friends suggested making rice, egg with sweet soy sauce. I thought it carefully, it is not that hard to make rice, egg with sweet soy sauce, but where is the ART of it?

After thinking, and doing some analysis of expenses, I realise that I want to have Bacon and Egg… So, my dinner is a breakfast menu, with a slight twist and my home made special sauce.

This particular food is not hard to make, however I only have 1 egg ring, so it took me quite a while to cook it, and carefully plating it is a fun game to do too.

The main ingredients are Bacon, Ham, 2 Eggs, olive and the sauce. Cut the ham, bacon with the egg ring. Pan fried the bacon, and cooks the egg… the sauce, water, continental parsley, salt, pepper, then use gelatine.

This is the final presentation of it.
From bottom to top
White Egg – Ham – Ham – Ham – Egg Yolk – Ham – another egg

Isn't it look yummy?


Ququ♥ said...

heheheh why does breakfast become dinner?

Alobert said...

sorry for the late reply.
the reason is because i am using important breakkie ingredient for dinner, such as bacon, ham, and eggs.