Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chicken Frittata, serve with salty garlic peas puree

This is the first time I made frittata. Using the goodness of Zucchini, Ricotta and Vine ripe cheery tomato, it just amazing. The first main just blows my mind. I never expected frittata would taste that nice lah.
And the green stuff is the salted peas puree with a lil bit of garlic. If the puree being eat it by itself, it will be too salty, however, combined it with the frittata, yum… it just complement each other. The perfect start to the first main since the food itself is a light starter.

the funny thinkg about this frittata i made, it is only nice of a small portion. I had one big fritatta lunch on the next day and it just disgusting.....

Overall yummmm

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