Monday, November 16, 2009

Chicken and Jackfruit, Indonesian thickened curry style

I tried to venture another new dish to me, which is my Indonesian favourite food. Been living in Indonesia pretty much for my whole life and I never cook (I blame my Indonesia maid), they are a good cook. As a result of being spoilt, when I first time came to Melbourne, I was unable to: wash, iron, dealing with electrician, cleaning (you wish), and most importantly COOK.

My first dish I created (other than instant noodle) was plain pan-fry egg. It just a normal egg, tasteless. But now, I am trying to make something harder.

The dish is chicken and jackfruit, Indonesian thickened curry style. CURRY! I hate curry, because it just too hard to make, got at least 10 spices you need and I do not even know where to find it. So I decided to buy the ready made paste which makes my life so easy. Put the chicken, paste and jackfruit + coconut cream.

One of the hardest dishes to cook even paste is being used. I thought this dish is a disaster dish, when I tried it, it was so spicy and the taste of the curry is incorrect. I decided to transfer the food into a bowl and after 2 hours (which makes the curry at room temperature, not too hot, not too cold). Tested again and magically I become so nice, the taste that I am looking for.

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