Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fried Rice

This is Fried Rice... nothing much i can about this simple yet complicated dish.. I am still trying to perfect this dish...

Japanese flavoured rice with roast pork


My latest creation and I consider this as a lovely yummy incredible food that i ever cook.... by using miso paste, ginger, garlic, mushroom, mirin and Sake to create the authentic Japanese flavour. and for the roast pork.. i just roast it.. soaked 5 hours in the olive herbs bath then roasted....

Anyone, can somebody teach me how to smoke food? Appreciated

this is another angle from the first batch...

this is the second batch and as u can see the mushroom on the left hand side

and this is the first batch, view from rear

Tomato Ice cream with Strawberry Puree

I bought Ice cream machine/maker 2 weeks ago and my first ice cream is Tomato ice cream... It was a successful ice cream.

this is the final presentation... i am not so sure why the ice cream taste like Tomato/Coconut-ty flavour. And i do not know how to make it smooth-er... any comment ??

another angle of my food.. yummmm

Smith's new flavoured popcorn

If you are not reside in Australia, let me introduce 4 (temporarily) new flavours chips.... the winner will be the permanent chips along with Original, BBQ, Chicken, Thai Sweet Chilli...

I have tested all of them. Some of them are nice, one of them is crap, most of them have great idea. In no particular order, I will reveal it:

Caesar Salad
It was a great idea, but does it translate from idea to taste? this is one of my wanted list (before I tried it)... the combination of healthy salad and unhealthy chips just make me want it desperately. I tried it and I think it is not well translated to the real taste. It has this extreme subtle hint of tomato, bacon and lettuce. The taste is not my cup of tea… I would not buy this flavour anymore.

Idea (5/5), Taste (3/5), Would love to try it again (1/5)

BBQ Coat of Arms
Sounds promising at first, although not my wanted list.. I decided to try it out… after I had my first bite, I remember, It is a remake of Smoky BBQ… Nothing is new with this flavour. I have tried this flavour before… same taste different packaging (and name). although it is a remake, I would love to buy it again.

Idea (1/5), Taste (4/5), Would love to try it again (3/5)

Buttered Popcorn
I have a doubt with this flavour.. not on my list at first, but decided to have a go with it… I think it is a good idea… combining two snacks to create ultimate tasty treat. This is my Favourite. The drawback of this chip is the saltiness.. got this best popcorn saltiness which I can’t bare…

Idea (5/5), Taste (4.5/5), Would love to try it again (5/5)

Late Night Kebab
I am unable to comment on this one, this is the worst chips I ever eaten.. It tastes like Ground, earth and soil… it was a great idea, just does not translated well into the chips..

Idea (5/5), Taste (0/5), Would love to try it again (0/5)

Alobert, Try it!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

090927 Laksa, Yellow curry,Teriyaki Beef, stif fry snow peas, mashed potato

Well... decided to cook Lunch for Whole week! yes...I have been spending too much and need to reduce it by cooking, cooking and cooking...

FYI.. the food court in my area cost between $8-$12 per lunch... (means$60 per week = $3000+ I spend on lunch for whole year!!!) SO expensive!!! so, decided to enjoy my whole Sunday cooking.

had 5 Asian food on my mind. to start with;

0. this picture, I bought it for my breakie.. (i did not make it actually, i think it was Spring Roll, sumthing deep fired meat ball and can't even remember the last on.)

lots of onions.. lots of potato.. reminds me of the commercial kitchen

cooking cooking cooking... which lead to my first dish.. LAKSA...

Singaporean Laksa... What i love about cooking... i can put as many as i want and as less as i want!

the noodies

and this is the Lunch I had.. Singaporean Curry Laksa with Albert's magic palm hand touch!

and this is my second dish, the Yellow curry.. I just remember why I do not like yellow curry... They use Pepper corn...

and 3rd dish.. Teriyaki Beef... easy simplest dish i ever of my old time fav.

this is the end result... yeah.. no plating...

I do not believe in Asian food plating

my 4th, this is Stir fry Snow peas with Sambal

and this is the end look... I quite like the snowpeas

and the 5th, last but to least.. Mashed potato with cream sugar and salt..


5 dishes,
Singaporean curry laksa, Yellow thai curry, teriyaki beef, stir fry snow peas and mashed potato

and it took me total of 4 hours to create all of this...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fettucini with Basa fish

I do not have any money left and I just decided to get a cheap healthy/unhealthy food here.. well.. fish is good.. but the rest is crap... so.. I made Fettucini with Basa fish

this is the fish being prepared. Soaked in the Olive juice, with dry herbs, and of course salt and pepper

the fetuccini

and this is the final result.. not too bad huh? although i felt that not enough greens

another angle of the food

Thursday, October 1, 2009

090921 The evolution of pizza

Another Pizza fever... Cabonassi pizza

The evolution of Pizza.. tomato base, with hot salami

plus some cabonassi, cheese, olive, sundried tomato

and mushroom

the the final ugly delicious food

another batch of pizza