Friday, November 6, 2009

Pork Dumpling

Chinese food is too hard to make, I am talking about pork dumpling. The effort, time, energy, and patience you put into it. Nevertheless, I would love to learn to cook Chinese food.

This is my first experimental project on pork dumpling, where does the taste come from, what kind of ingredients they used.

About mid of September, tried to make Siu Mai (another first journey to become a Chinese Chef), everything went well, except one thing went wrong, which is the taste. It does not resemble the Siu Mai flavour at all. It seems like I was eating Dumpling in a Siu Mai shape.

So, I decided to make pork dumpling based on my Siu Mai recipe.

this is the mixing, you can't really see the full ingredients there, like soy sauce, mirin etc

And this is the first several dumplings i made

and I used up all the wrapper and still got some meat left...

Mixing took 15 mins, easy. Wrapping the dumpling took forever. I almost gave up and decided no to continue it. Guess I am still learning, I took me 60 minutes to make 40-ish dumplings.

The cooking part is not the hardest part at all, just put the stuff in, boil it and in less than 15 mins, it is ready to eat. Dip it into the dumpling sauce and eat it.

Example of Steam Dumpling

and Example of Dumpling soup

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Mel Chan said...

sweet ... did you use ravioli maker to make the dumpling? They are the neatest dumpling i've seen, btw you should try use you fingers to fold those dumplings, it will be faster :P