Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mild curry flavour with Chicken, Egg, Mayo and Rocket salad

This is what happened to me on Saturday night trying to make food for whole week lunch and ended up having 6 courses dinner. I took me 6 hours to buy, prepare, cook, freeze, eat, and clean all the crap.

It is a really hard job to do, but the end result was lovely. It is not up to fine dining standard, but my friends were happy with my foods.

So, this is the first entrée, Chicken, egg, mayo and rocket salad curry flavour. I made the combination minced chicken; minced egg, mayo, mince rocket and curry powder, then mixed it together.

The flavour comes from the pre-made curry powder. Here is the pic below

It should be eaten in one bite. As it appears open your mouth, put the spoon in your mouth and enjoy it

Yum.... A good Start

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