Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smith's new flavoured popcorn

If you are not reside in Australia, let me introduce 4 (temporarily) new flavours chips.... the winner will be the permanent chips along with Original, BBQ, Chicken, Thai Sweet Chilli...

I have tested all of them. Some of them are nice, one of them is crap, most of them have great idea. In no particular order, I will reveal it:

Caesar Salad
It was a great idea, but does it translate from idea to taste? this is one of my wanted list (before I tried it)... the combination of healthy salad and unhealthy chips just make me want it desperately. I tried it and I think it is not well translated to the real taste. It has this extreme subtle hint of tomato, bacon and lettuce. The taste is not my cup of tea… I would not buy this flavour anymore.

Idea (5/5), Taste (3/5), Would love to try it again (1/5)

BBQ Coat of Arms
Sounds promising at first, although not my wanted list.. I decided to try it out… after I had my first bite, I remember, It is a remake of Smoky BBQ… Nothing is new with this flavour. I have tried this flavour before… same taste different packaging (and name). although it is a remake, I would love to buy it again.

Idea (1/5), Taste (4/5), Would love to try it again (3/5)

Buttered Popcorn
I have a doubt with this flavour.. not on my list at first, but decided to have a go with it… I think it is a good idea… combining two snacks to create ultimate tasty treat. This is my Favourite. The drawback of this chip is the saltiness.. got this best popcorn saltiness which I can’t bare…

Idea (5/5), Taste (4.5/5), Would love to try it again (5/5)

Late Night Kebab
I am unable to comment on this one, this is the worst chips I ever eaten.. It tastes like Ground, earth and soil… it was a great idea, just does not translated well into the chips..

Idea (5/5), Taste (0/5), Would love to try it again (0/5)

Alobert, Try it!!

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