Sunday, October 18, 2009

090927 Laksa, Yellow curry,Teriyaki Beef, stif fry snow peas, mashed potato

Well... decided to cook Lunch for Whole week! yes...I have been spending too much and need to reduce it by cooking, cooking and cooking...

FYI.. the food court in my area cost between $8-$12 per lunch... (means$60 per week = $3000+ I spend on lunch for whole year!!!) SO expensive!!! so, decided to enjoy my whole Sunday cooking.

had 5 Asian food on my mind. to start with;

0. this picture, I bought it for my breakie.. (i did not make it actually, i think it was Spring Roll, sumthing deep fired meat ball and can't even remember the last on.)

lots of onions.. lots of potato.. reminds me of the commercial kitchen

cooking cooking cooking... which lead to my first dish.. LAKSA...

Singaporean Laksa... What i love about cooking... i can put as many as i want and as less as i want!

the noodies

and this is the Lunch I had.. Singaporean Curry Laksa with Albert's magic palm hand touch!

and this is my second dish, the Yellow curry.. I just remember why I do not like yellow curry... They use Pepper corn...

and 3rd dish.. Teriyaki Beef... easy simplest dish i ever of my old time fav.

this is the end result... yeah.. no plating...

I do not believe in Asian food plating

my 4th, this is Stir fry Snow peas with Sambal

and this is the end look... I quite like the snowpeas

and the 5th, last but to least.. Mashed potato with cream sugar and salt..


5 dishes,
Singaporean curry laksa, Yellow thai curry, teriyaki beef, stir fry snow peas and mashed potato

and it took me total of 4 hours to create all of this...

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