Friday, September 18, 2009

090914 Baked pasta with Carrot

Decided to cook Baked Pasta (again) but with slight twist. Add 2 fresh tomatoes and 3 carrots (adding some texture)

chop chop the onion (and I always cry)...

and chop chop the Carrots...
1 thing: It does not add any texture... I should cut it really really thin slice... not a chunky chunky one

and.. dice the tomato into 8 and chop the rest

some bacon

chop Parsley .. Lots of parsley

finely chop

and the pasta with some butter for flavor

and boil the carrot

as u can see... Got 1 big can of diced tomato and 1 small can of tomato paste.... to make my life easier!

fry the onion

then but the bacon and minced pork in it

then put some tomato paste

and put some parsley

and put in the pasta and all tomato paste + canned diced tomato

Baking time... 200 Celcius for 15 mins

Tada.. the final product

the final product from different angle
Plating time.. can u see sumthing funny over there? Yes.. I put chips.. Crack chips

and the final plating

and.. what happens if your food just too good... Thank you everyone who enjoy my food... Thanks Ryan, Sunny, and Sherly who enjoy my food

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