Monday, September 14, 2009

090910 Basa Fillet with Thai Sweet Chilli Dressing and Mystic Forest

Let me Introduce you to the Thai's best product!!

On your left, Sweet Chilli sauce. Never buy any brand other than Mae Ploy. this sauce is good for dressing, dipping and of course, the best accompany for my dish.

and on your right, it is a Fish Sauce. (i am not sure why they put Squid??) but it is a fish sauce, same like indonesian soy sauce (kecap asin), but it got fishy taste into it....

Decided making Basa Fillet with Thai Sweet Chilli Dressing and Mystic Forest.

Mystic Forest is a brown rice salad with Broccolini with Olive oil dressing.

I am making the sauce for dressing, lots of Sweet Chilli, pepper, lots of Fish sauce, bit of soy sauce and 1/2 lemon... Whisk whisk whisk...

then boil the Broccolini. And decided to cook the brown rice (got no picture)

This is Salad with Alfafa... and I thought... "SO BORING!!!!"

Try another version..."not really satisfying!! need creativity"

So... this is the end result. Mystic forest, can you see the trees?? that is Mystic forest!! unconventional? YES!!
and this is the bird's view angle of Mystic forest. You can see the Shadow of the trees. (and i put bit of Continental parsley)

then.. baked the basa fillet with all the thai sweet chilli sauce...

Tada... my dinner

top left: brown rice with hint of parsley
top right: alfafa sprouts with hint of cracked pepper
main: the fish... YUMM (with more parsley)

Another angle of my food..

And this is for my lunch!!1 Burned Broccolini (it tastes quite nice)

Alobert.. Certainly going to cook this one again!!!

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