Saturday, September 12, 2009

090912 Foveaux Restaurant

Well.. Me and my friends went to Foveaux restaurant. As the name suggested, It serves French Food.. Enjoy the pic that I taken during my 3.5 hours fine dining.... How was my experience?
Service : 5/5
Food : 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Overall : Went to the Dining area, the design is so cheeky, typical french. They don't really overdo by doing Avant-Grande design. Instead of it, they just paint the wall with Uneven white. That is it!! The service was superb. the knowledge of people is exceeding my high expectation. Although sometimes they speak to fast since I am not familiar with Terms. The food just as amazing as the services, And hereby I presented the food that I taken.

The one above was: Entree: Taro and goats curd sandwich, shaved fennel a la grecque, green olive jelly, radish sprouts and carrot paint. Comment: OMG!!! the taro and goats curd sandwich just amazing

I love this one... when the waitress put it on my table, I just could not stop laughing. Not because of the food.. Just because of the proportion of the plate to the food.. Love it

Entree: Marinated ocean trout, smoked trout ice cream, cucumber, popped skin and saw coriander.This is the first thing come into my mind. Where is the fish??? So hard to see... (refer to the next picture). and i like the Ice cream too...
Yes... This is how big is the plate... I want to buy that plate too....

Still entree: Caramalised pork belly, ceviche prawn, black pudding puree, shiso and prawn rice cracker

Comment: I can assure you this caramalised pork belly is better than Chinese Roast Pork!! and the Ceviche prawn just taste amazing. When you bite the prawn, there are like at least 4 flavors infuse together!!

Entree: Sautéed hervey bay scallops, venison heart, sesame puree, crushed beetroot and la goya jus

Yay.. at last.. after 1 hour of serving, We got our main:
Baked rainbow trout with victorian morel mushrooms, clams, mache, sugar snaps and sweet corn purée .

Comment: It looks ugly!! the mushrooms and clams soups the black one) taste salty with clams stock. and the yellow one is so sweet.. what a combination...
Another main:Roasted trevalla, kohlrabbi gratin, carrot puree, braised sea urchin and leek, red wine reduction with salad burnette

This is the one that looks better. and taste better too ( i think). Wah... the fish just perfectly roasted. they did not over do it. and.. I did try the yellowish stuff and nice too...

Another Main: Smoked duck, celery puree, roasted jerusalem artichoke, globe artichoke, walnut and orange powder

Yes.. it is a smoke duck... The duck is so soft... really nice... and i dunno the rest!

Roasted lamb loin, white miso puree, crunchy wakame seaweed, asparagus, pea sprouts and jus gras

OMG!! the lamb is just amazing. If i go back there again, I will order this one again... purrrrfect. I would say that this is my second best pick of the day

well.. half eaten Lamb Loin...Can't resist the temptation.

Selection of cheeses with toasted walnut bread, lavosh and fruit

The waiter explained it to us
Waiter: The one one the left is from Southern Italian
Me : (SO?)
Waiter: then next to is is Bree from XXX (forget)
Me : (Ya?)
Waiter: Then this is from Western Australia
Me: (then?)
Waiter: And last but not the least, this is from northern French
Me: (And?)

Me: I need a Cheese Appreciation Class here!!!!

Dessert: Braised watermelon, vodka jube, fruit salad sage and sheeps yoghurt sorbet

Wah... the yoghurt sorbet taste laike normal sorbet, but when you combine the watermelon (yes.. I small slice of watermelon) and the jelly with Vodka... Yum.....

YES!!! THIS IS MY FAV of the DAY!!! can't believe it. How small is it yet you can taste the world

Another dessert :Tobacco roasted pears with pecan gelato, raspberries, candied celery and chocolate wafers

Wah... this is just really nice.. and the black stuff surrounds it was a Charcoal Oil... never try it before. Was it nice? ABsolutely. The plating just marvelous

And like the first entree... Big Plate.. lol

The last Entree: Tonka bean rice pudding, blackberry conserve, white chocolate ice cream and walnut dust

Nice.. like some Japanese French cuisine...:)

And my closure: English Breakfast tea. so classy... got the milk, and sugar (brown and white). and too the marshmallow and some petit cake....

Foveaux, Recommended

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